Build Referral Relationships with Content

So you have talked to a wellness practitioner, and she is interested in becoming a referral partner. Now you want to make sure that she has you in mind. Sharing something of value is a great way to do it. Send out an article regularly (every month) in PDF format, so she can print or email and share with her clients/patients. You can also give her permission to use the content in her newsletter, provided that she mentions your credential and website URL in the end of the article.

The article, of course, needs to contain relevant and valuable content for this practitioner’s clients base – you may have to create one version for each segment to make sure you are addressing the corresponding audience. E.g. if you are sending something to an OB, “recycling” articles worded for a cardiologist’s patient is not going to do you much good. Of course, a lot of “meat” can be reused, but you need to frame the content such that it applies to your audience. Setting up a calendar for promotional content can help you keep track (e.g. first Tuesday of each month: OBs, last Tuesday of each month: pediatricians).

Other components of the article can include a brief description of your program – relevant to the reader, focusing on benefits (not features!), an invitation to contact you for an initial session, as well as a short bio and maybe a picture of yourself.

Check out our Done For You Article Template – time to take action!


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